Friday, July 11, 2008

Trying to be motivated

I've finally managed to put most of Judith's items for her visit away. The car seat is still installed in the Suburban. We made a trip to Anchorage today (at my insistance!) in order to purchase a ravioli cutter at our local foodie boutique. They did not have the item I had in mind, and the sales clerk really had no idea or any sort of interest in why I was so passionate about this particular item. The inventory in this store was such that it was very possible that said ravioli cutter was in stock SOMEWHERE within the confines of the store. However, after perusing the confines of the shop, I found a couple of items that I could somehow make due with. I'm sure no one will notice that I don't have the right tool for the job when they are eating those fluffy pillows of pasta/riccotta/basil/roasted chicken goodness as they partake in that bit of Heaven. I'll be the the only one that knows! Anyway, the car seat makes a great fleece/purse holder! =)

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