Monday, February 15, 2010

Human League

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I've noticed a disturbing trend lately. I know it's nothing new; just something that I'm seeing now that I can think a little more clearly.

We are becoming a species of haters. People; we must get this thing under control! Sure, we all have causes that deserve our diligence; but we need to take the high road. There is no reason to lump a whole group of people into a reviled category because of their gender, race, gay, straight, religious leanings, hair color, politics, left-handed or right handed, thin, thick, goth, punk, young, old, happy, get my drift.

We have to start lifting each other UP--not continue to tear down. When we discount the importance of respecting another simply because they are a HUMAN BEING, we are devaluing ourselves. If we just begin by embracing our similarities and learning about our differences; people every where can thrive. We miss out on the possibility of a great friendship.

I guess what I am trying to say is it can start today, with me. I will be more open and try to be more tolerant and patient. Not cynical and ready to magnify every single flaw; real or pre-conceived. No more ridicule or disdain at some one's situation or experience.

I will support the People Are All People Project because we're all members of that club!

I'm not the best writer in the world, but I felt that I just had to say this. We don't always realize the effect that our words and actions have on our friends and loved ones. Sometimes we may even know what we do causes pain, and we bull-doze ahead anyway.

I will strive to do better; because everyone should be valued.