Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, once again I am a complete flop at food! Nine times out of ten, my attempts in the culinary realm are fun and successful. Other times..., well, just ask my kids about the brucetta that I so lovingly prepared for them around Christmas when I was "home" for the birth of my grand-daughter. Let's just say that it was memorable and leave it at that! Today I tried my hand at homemade ravioli. Talk about work! The recipe said prep time would be approximately 40 minutes (right!) and the degree of difficulty was easy. (right, again!) Not!!! Anyway, my vision of soft pillows of Heaven mentioned in my last entry were not to be realised. I know K. was disappointed as well, although he tried to put on a brave front and ate four or five of these meager excuses for filled pasta pockets. I TOTALLY destroyed my kitchen. To top it off, my ego is in shambles! I think we will be sticking to soup and sandwiches until I'm done licking my wounds. :( Time to do the dishes... I hate that part.


NameChanged said...

you don't suck, and you better flash freeze some ravioli and send it my way! mmm...sounds good

Doug & Amanda said...

At least you can cook soup and sandwiches! I burned packaged rice the other day. That's why we like to go out and eat. If they burn our food, we don't have to pay for it! And Doug doesn't have to pretend to like it!

The Cunning Runt said...

Gurrrl, you totaly wrrock for trying to make ravioli - it's no "beginner" item! I tried to do lobster raviolis a while back, but couldn't get the dough very thin using a wine bottle for a roller (maybe taking my lips off the bottle would have facilitated the process??) So what I got was these giand dough-thingies, like big rubber biscuits.

I think I know how you felt when your efforts resulted in something short of perfection ;)

But I just bought a little roller and am game to try again, as we should be popping up some local 'shrooms after all of this past week's rain, and I'm jonesin' for some Wild Mushroom Ravioli.

I know, I'm a slow learner. But it beats admitting defeat! :)

kkryno said...

I was thinking of trying a pasta maker, but am unsure if it is worth the "dough." (sorry couldn't resist!) The counter space and storage in our kitchen is extremely limited too. Any insight, CR?