Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's Up Around Here.

There are many things that I'll miss when I return to Alaska.

Here, I present a little vignette of an activity that's entertaining.  Just a side note, Edie just started having solid foods a week ago.  She is now an expert!

(please excuse my sniffles--allergies!)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm still here!

I haven't disappeared.  I'm just incognito!

A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter Michele contracted MRSA.  It manifested as an infection on her right shoulder.  I was compelled to go to New Mexico to help her, but she said that all would probably be well by the time I could make the trip there, so we decided to skip it.  The following Monday, this happened!  To say I was beside myself with worry would be putting it mildly.  She has a 3 year old and a 4 month old, and lives in  a tri-level home!  (Note to self--next house: NO STAIRS!)

Any-hoo; before I could even mention it, Karl was looking up flights and making arrangements for my return trip in less than a month.  Have I told you before what a wonderful man and partner I have in him?  I really need to tell HIM more often!  Have his love and support during this prolonged absence is priceless.  I know that it's not easy being alone when your life-mate is somewhere else and not knowing when to expect their return is no fun.  I can't thank you enough, Karl.

The thing is, I can't return to Alaska until Michele can bear weight on her left foot.  We'll know more about that soon, I hope.  In the meantime, she can't drive, carry anything including her children, and must use a wheelchair at work, as she must keep the leg elevated.  Her husband Jason and I team up on getting everyone out the door by 7:00-7:05 A.M.  I then drop off the kids at daycare, and whisk Michele off to work.  Upon arrival there I wrestle the wheelchair out of the trunk, which is more awkward than heavy.  I should be pretty buff soon.  We're calling this whole thing "Michele's Extreme Work-Over   I mean Out!"  Step aside Biggest Loser!  :)

The neatest thing about all of this is spending time watching this:

Cuddletime!  These girls were tired!  Shhhh; don't wake 'em up....

I don't know how I used to keep up with all the things I used to when the kids were little.  I certainly am not measuring up these days.  It's all I can do to cook every now and then, and work on the never ending rotation of laundry!  I'll just have to try to get a handle on it somehow! 

Until later...Thanks for checking in.