Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spring Flowers Bring....

Well; today my plan to finish a couple of things in the front yard was thwarted by a consistnant shower lasting all day. Since we no longer live in Valdez, I don't see the necessity of working in the rain in Eagle River; so I opted out! Let's just take a quick photo of the lilac bush (like one I've never seen before!) and do some indoor things instead. I am an expert procrastinator, so finding something constructive inside would be a piece of cake! Anyway; I'm still learning how to perform even the most rudimentary of tasks on the computer, so each time I attempt to blog; it's verrrry interesting!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Is it just me; or was Christmas DONE just over five friggin' months ago! This doesn't seem to affect the fatuous brainiacs who created that wonderful (snark) product Enzyte. No; they keep thrusting (sorry) this discusting line of advertising at us. I, for one, am quite nauseated by the guy with the uber-lunatic, Chester-the-Molester grin in these 'mercials. The one I find most disturbing, however; is the one where said creepy dude dons the traditional red suit and is referred to as the "chubby Santa". Please make it stop!!! If I have to hear that Leave it to Beaver-esqe jingle one more time, my eyes will literally pop out of my head and burst into flame!!! For your added pleasure, let's runs those lovely numbers back-to-back, like this slimy act of repetition will generate a stampede to purchase this miracle substance. They used to only show this on late-night programing, but no more! Now, we are bombarded with this nonsense during daytime television as well. Oh, the hummanity!!! Stop the madness! Remember when they wouldn't even show tampon commercials. Those were the days...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Time Warp

Obviously; it's been a while since my last entry. We have been working on the yard, running back and forth to numerous nurseries in the area ( don't wanna hit the same one too many times in a row: might appear to be a yard-junkie! must evenly distribute visits amongst all locations in the area to appear copascetic!) Guess what?! Everyone here is frantic as the next to get color into their life! In line at the neighborhood greenhouses; we all make breathless comments of forced blumes, $30.00 hanging baskets, six, seven trips to get annuals in one day! It's just crazy: the plantings, the guilty pleasure of fertilizer; the raking of leaves and sweeping the gravel off the street in front of our own homes (something we just did a week ago...) It must be SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or what I call LOS (lack of sunshine). The short summers here make up for that somewhat; because of the extended hours of daylight. People tend to be fervent: like little beavers, or an army of ants to get everything accomplished in the limited time available. All too soon, the sumer will fade into fall for a day or two; and before you know it: BOOM! Nine months of winter, again! I'm gonna get mine while I can! (my precious!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring has arrived!

Yes; Mother Nature has arrived, however my camera has crapped out! Oh well; not to be discouraged, I have to say; I am very excited! We've power-raked the lawn, swept the street in front of our home, positioned the new half-barrels, and planted Saint Anthony in his rightful spot, greeting you as you assend the front steps. We are frantically preparing for the arrival of my daughters, son-in-law, and my beautiful grand-daughter! All is finally right with the world! The only thing to perfect it, would be my other son-in-law would be able to join us as well. He has an open invitation, any time! I'm all a-ggog and beside myself!Time to plan recipes. Whoo-hoo!