Tuesday, March 24, 2009


As most of you know, that little volcano about a hundred miles from here has been having a bit of a temper-tantrum lately. If you'd like to see a live web cam view, you can check it out here.
I mean; had I known this bit of information, I might have been a little more reluctant (i.e vocal) about moving here. Tsunamis and earthquakes are one thing, but multi-orgasmic, pyroclastic mounds this numerous in near proximity of home is too close for comfort; IMO. The ash fall has passed us by so far, so we're fine; but if it will ease your worried minds, just make checks payable to:

Kkryno's Volcano Relief Fund
I'm-So-Happy-Ville, AK. 99577*

I'm sure it's tax-deductible, and you'll be helping me maintain my mind*numbing supply of martinis and onion dip; batteries, filter masks, and panti-hose too! You can also purchase for your very own for a limited time (spoken in Billy Mays-ease!!!) this AMAZING JAR OF GENUINE ALASKAN VOLCANO DUST! Share in a bit of Authentic Alaskana, all for three easy payments of $19.95!!! Supplies are endless, so buy NOW! Of course I'd have to drive to Talkeetna to get it, but I'd do it for you; and I'll wave hello to Sarah on my way through Wasilla. Unless she's out on a speaking engagement in the Lower 48 (again!)

(Ever notice that Billy Mays' initials are B.M.???!!!11) EEEEWWWW!

Alaska Airlines is flying again, so if I get nervous about Redoubt again; I'm sure for a phenomenal fee, they will be happy to cart my generous butt out of here.

We'll see.

All is well, so far. :)

*I am just kidding; ya know!

(I found the photo of this lovely little meltdown here.)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wow! Two in one day!

I don't post on a regular or even a semi-regular basis. That said; I know what I want for my birthday. You kids have three whole months...Just kidding!

Well sort of!


The Amazing Chile Grill!

I've been in the kitchen again (go figure!) and have had a craving that started weeks and weeks ago. I've decided to attempt my version of these little (okay BIG) bites of Heaven. My goodness! Inspired by Linda, and Greg; I finally had to give in!

So, unfortunately; this apparatus was really designed for jalapenos. I had a major hankerin' for some Hatch green chiles, but the only thing available were some very mild Anaheims; must make due with what's around! No matter; the smell while these were roasting was teh awesome! Anything with cheese and bacon has my number!

The list of ingredients I used are as follows:

Bacon--2 strips; chopped.
Red Onion--2 or 3 slices; diced.
Garlic--1 or 2 cloves; minced.
1 lb. Cream Cheese--room temperature.
White and Yellow Sharp Cheddar--1 Cup, heaping; grated. (guard carefully, for some reason, this ingredient seems to disappear into thin air around here!)
Plain yogurt--4 Tablespoons.
Salt and Pepper to taste.
Green Chiles--6 large and firm; seeded.
More Bacon (yeah!)--6 slices.

Saute the chopped bacon, onions, garlic and a couple of sprinkles each of salt and pepper until bacon is crisp and the onions are transparent. Remove to a paper towel lined plate and dab off excess grease. Set aside until a bit later (Keep a look-out for cheese stealer; he likes bacon, too! A quick smack on the offending hand usually sends him packing, but be diligent!)

In a medium sized bowl, moosh-up the cream cheese fairly well; then add the cheddars, saute mix, and more salt and pepper. Moosh some more (moosh being the best word I can come up with to describe what to do to this stuff!) Remove to a pastry bag or a zipping sandwich bag with an 1/8 corner trimmed off to allow you to squirt the mixture into the chiles until full. Fun, huh?!

Wrap in bacon, securing the slices with a toothpick and place in the chile stand. If you don't have one, you can improvise with some heavy-duty aluminum foil and a large bread pan.

Bake at 350* F. until cheese is toasted on top, and the bacon is done to your liking.(my bacon could have used some crisping. K. suggests nucro-waving the strips a bit before wrapping them around the chiles and then popping them in the oven. I say good idea!)

Eat 'em up; yum!

OT: Huzzah!!! Spring Equinox!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


You know that little volcano that K. has alluded to on his blog

The one pictured here:

Well--the view out side my window at sunset tonight showed a plume a bit bigger than that! Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!

Needless to say; I'm a bit anxious...

I'm wondering how well two dogs, (one 64lbs. one 7 lbs.) a cat, a bird; along with a large kennel AND a heavy-duty bird cage will fit into an older (late 1990's) Jeep Cherokee. Is there even a possiblity of luggage?

Probably not.

Just a bit of an update. We aren't in the path of lava flow as there is ocean beetween that gurgling mass of rock. I'm more concerned with ash. The volcano is about 90 miles as the crow flies and the watch level has been raised to ORANGE. OOO-ooo!

You can keep up with Mt. Redoubt here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coveted no more!

There are few things that excite me much anymore.

I know; it's sad.

I love my family. That goes without saying.

Gardening, sunshine, herbs, animals, the outdoors, friendship, music. There are some other things; but this can sum it up pretty much.

If you've followed this blog much, you can surmise that I lurve to cook. A lot.

There have been some major fails of late. Ask my kids about bruschetta, and you'll hear some massive chuckles and some outright guffaws (ingrates!) Inquire about my recent attempt at making red chile sauce, (a miserable fail at something I cut my teeth on growing up in the Southwest) and you'll see a grown woman cry almost hysterically! K. could probably do a fine post about scooping my groveling, sorry ass off of the kitchen floor; but I digress...

My confidence has been rocked to the core with these recent short-falls; but there has been one shining beacon to raise my foodie heart from this culinary chasm: the 6 quart enamelled, cast iron dutch oven!

OOOOAHHHOOOOHHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!(sung in multi-layered celestial voices straight from Heaven Above; with blinding sunbeams all around!)

We found this little beauty at Costco for $45.00! I know; $45.00!!! I had been watching all of the stores in this area for months and months. I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this gem on the shelf at the dreaded big-box store extraordinaire. I latched onto it; mumbling, "mmmmhh; my Precious!!!" I know if someone had spied me in that private, personal moment; they saw a glazed-over, almost junkie look in my eyes. I spied K. coming up the aisle, and tempered my naked abandon, but it did not go unnoticed! I mumbled something about a great bargain, and waiting forever; he knew I would not be denied. He acquiesced.

A whole chicken with quartered onions, baby carrots, bell pepper, local red potatoes and criminis with fresh basil, roasted garlic and a few sprigs of fresh thyme sprinkled with some marjoram, salt and pepper. Magnifique!!! A lovely loaf of fresh, rustic (HOME-MADE!) basil and asiago bread and; OHHH!

As my friend C.R. has been known to say, "T'was guuud!"

Now if I could just figure out that bruschetta and red chile thang...(not together, of course!)


(I must add that K. is totally the one to have credit for teh lovely pic! If I was the responsible party, there would be thumbs and fingers blocking the frame fer sure!)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Time for the Strait-Jacket

Okay! You know that you spend entirely TOO much time alone when laughing and talking back to The Ellen Show happens every day, AND seems normal!

"Nough said!