Sunday, January 31, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast!

I can't believe 25 years can pass so quickly. I'm so lucky to have such a creative and caring daughter. Not only are you beautiful, but you're also smart and very often wise beyond your years. (Remember when you used to say, "When I was the Mom and you we're the little girl...!?)

You've always been a blessing. Thank you for being one of my beautiful daughters!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Red Hot!

Tonight I made Carne Adovoda. It is one of my favs! I love it so much that I ate it before taking a picture of it. I found this image at Bill's Place.

Go check him out!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Death by Wii

(this image found here)

Is it possible to kill yourself at my age playing tennis and bowling, and doing the lamest, shortest work-out on the Wii Fit? I'm thinking--maybe!

We bought ourselves the Wii Fit for Christmas, but since K. was working for two weeks straight; we hadn't really done much with it. Not so now! We broke it out three days ago and played it for five hours the first day. Last night we had a nice dinner out (Greek food with a nice Sangiovese) so we only played for a couple of hours. Today only a little over an hour (so far!)

I am sore as can be--as anyone who knows me, I've had virtually no physical activity since my days in high school when I ran track!

I'm not saying that I'll make any great strides in the world of fitness; but I do find that there is fun to be had in the joy of movement!

It's kind of silly; but I feel like a kid again!

Well--except for all that sore muscle thang. I'll just look at that as growing pains!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wow; already?

Guess who has a birthday today? Yup; that would be my oldest daughter!

I'm so proud of her and feel so lucky that she is a part of my life. She is one of my best friends.

I love you so much, Baby. :)