Saturday, February 18, 2012


(This image found here.)

I saw this picture while searching at vintage refrigerators. 

 My grandmother had one a lot like this for years and loved it.  Every time it konked out, she would have it repaired.  Finally the repairman said he couldn't fix it again, and sadly Grama was forced to buy a new one.  She never cared for the replacement as much as the old one, and kept the old Frigidaire out in the garage for a long time. 

Her house is still in the family, while no one really lives in it.  I wonder if that fridge is still out there.  It would be fun to have it restored, as is all the rage these days.

I miss you, Lillian! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's Up?

                 Shot of the Hay Flats near Palmer, Alaska in summer 2011.

Wow!  I can't believe how long I haven't posted!  I've been SO busy!  Doing what, you say?  Ummm, (kicks toe in sand) well-stuuuuff.....
Actually, I haven't been doing much of anything except cooking up a storm and avoiding the out-of-doors because 10 below isn't my cup of tea!  I know most people up here aren't affected by that temperature, it's much colder in various parts of Alaska.  It's even been colder than that here at our casa, but I've had little patience with that this winter for some reason.  I guess I'm just getting older.

We've had a moose hanging out in our side-yard.  Tracks here and there and the tell-tale pile-o-poo at the edge of the driveway.  This one is avoiding my camera though, so I will just share this example:

                                             (This photo found at this website.)

I have to say that I find these creatures fascinating!  They're gangly yet graceful, magestic and surprisingly quiet.  They can be serene but fierce.  I'm happy one has been comfortable enough to frequent our place. 

Look for some food posts in the near future.

Well, that's what we've been doing around here.  What's up with you?