Saturday, August 25, 2012

Playing Hookie

After more than a week of fitful sleep and too many projects nipping at our heels, pressure from Karl's work and a seemingly never-ending to do list, I had awakened waaaaay too early yet again!  This time rather than toss and turn in frustration, I did the unthinkable and *gasp* I got up and took a shower, had some tea, and dressed before 9:00 AM.  I know, I know!  Shocking, right?  Must be like, the Seventh Sign!

Next, I dug out the pic-a-nic basket, loaded it up with a few things, along with a nice bottle of wine and a decent cloth.  I had a plan, and I would flesh out the rest of the goodies later once we got on the road.  Karl was ready and he knew I was up to something, wondering quietly what the heck had gotten to me.  Gathering up a couple of leashes, jackets, camera, binoculars and the dogs, off we went; in a blizzard of horseradish!  (That; folks, is a famous Mom-Mom-ism!) 

Initially, my plan began with breakfast.  That whole notion disappeared when Karl suggested we hit the downtown market.  (By the way; don't click on the link there to watch the commercial!  Trust me on this.) We hadn't been this year, so I was game.  This year has been pretty meek for the local farmers' markets as it was a cooler than usual season.  Most produce yields were down, so we haven't had much luck finding our favorite carrots, potatoes, lettuce and such.  Still, it's fun to watch people, peruse the artists' booths and partake in various food items.  Think small county fair and you get the picture.  It was a fun way to start a Saturday, and enjoy what little sun the day had to offer.

After this outing we got distracted by a couple of yard sales, finding NO good junk!  That was really a blessing in disguise as we need to have a yard sale our own selves.  Can you say, "Too much stuff?!" 

Next stop; New Sagaya Market on 13th Street.  We picked up some Italian fontina, Taleggio, Black Diamond extra fort Canadian cheddar, a small stick of Rose Salami # 7, a baguette and some dark chocolate.

We were set!  We decided to head toward the Kenai Peninsula for a nice day trip and to find a great spot for all of us to enjoy.  It was starting to look a bit blustery along the Turnagain Arm, but we were escaping our duties as home renovators, so wind be damned!  ;)

Meandering our way toward Seward.  No real scheme in mind, we rode along enjoying the sights along the way.  One of the neat activities on that route is the paved biking trail at 63 mile on the highway just up from Hope.  Stunning views!  Right here would be a great spot to insert a great photo, but as many times that we've made this trek, we haven't even one pic!  I couldn't find one on the innertubes.  Sooo; next trip!

Around 28 mile is the town of Moose Pass.

This Image of the Trestle Found Here.  By Frank Keller  #339801.

About mile 14 is the Snow River  train trestle.  Benson loved that stop.  He got to run, "water" a few bushes, splash around in the river a little, smell everything carried on the brisk breeze.  He gave it two paws up.  No thumbs, you know.  Roo, not so much.  She hates the wind!

We still had that matter of a picnic!   Up the road at 12 mile is our favorite stop on this stretch.  Snow River Valley.
This is from June 2010, when we had Gibson for that short year.

Snow River 2010
The lupines at this rest area are beautiful!  By August this year they were spent, but the view was still spectacular. 

Benson says, "Look what I've found!"

Some seriously wonderful wine!
What a good lookin' Dawg!
When we finished our meal it was time to set off for the trip home.  Just up the road from the Snow River Valley, is a wild life viewing boardwalk at about 14.5 mile.  It extends over a lilly covered area that is a haven for water fowl and moose.  We continued on, enjoying the day and the drive.  I didn't feel one bit guilty about shirking the responsibilities at the house!
The junction of the Seward and the Sterling highways is a beautiful spot called Tern Lake.  Right  before that at 36.0 mile is a great place to spot salmon spawning.  Dave's Creek is a great place to walk around, stretch and use the "facilities."
That way!

Time to wash up.

It was a bit drizzly, but still not so bad that we couldn't walk around and take a few pics.  There were quite a lot of salmon spawning and trying to move up stream.  It's amazing how powerful the instinct that drives them to perpetuate the species carries them to their very last breath.  It's quite a journey.

The bridge over Dave's Creek.
Looking back in the opposite direction.
Almost at the end...

 One of Karl's pics.
When the fire weed blooms to the top of the stalk that indicates winter is six weeks away.
By now, drizzle had become all-out rain, so we climbed back into the car.  I can't believe we'd never taken the time to stop there considering the many times we've travel past.  We'll have to visit again.

Here's a quick shot of a sliver of Kenai Lake.

This photo doesn't do it any justice. 
When we reached Indian, I asked Karl to pull over so I could take a photo of Mary Lou Redmond's place.  There has been some dispute over the location of the decades old neon sign and its' distance from a federally funded highway.

Diamond Jim's.
Personally, I say leave her be.  She's one of those colorful characters who has been around for a long time.  Her sign should have been grandfathered in when the highway was widened.  She's not hurting anyone plus, it reflects a bit of local history.  That sign may be the only thing left from the town of Portage. 
Here, you can see what the town of Portage looked like before the 1964 earthquake; just after; in

(This image found here.)
 1998 and as it looks today.
(This image found here.)  Photo by Lamar Steen.

Upon our return home, this litte beggar was there to greet us!

Hey lady!  Where's my peanuts?!
They are so bossy!
What favorite thing/outing/stress relief adventure do you love? 



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That looks like such a beautiful adventure. I'm jealous of that trip. Great pics too mom! Love you!