Saturday, February 18, 2012


(This image found here.)

I saw this picture while searching at vintage refrigerators. 

 My grandmother had one a lot like this for years and loved it.  Every time it konked out, she would have it repaired.  Finally the repairman said he couldn't fix it again, and sadly Grama was forced to buy a new one.  She never cared for the replacement as much as the old one, and kept the old Frigidaire out in the garage for a long time. 

Her house is still in the family, while no one really lives in it.  I wonder if that fridge is still out there.  It would be fun to have it restored, as is all the rage these days.

I miss you, Lillian! 


FishTaxi said...

They don't make reefers like they used to thats for sure.

I don't blame your grandma one bit.

What a wonderful tribute to her.

Doug and Amanda said...

She had good taste!