Monday, August 6, 2012

Bad blogger!

Dear Blog-o-sphere;

Please forgive my lack of posting for, I don't know--just shy of forever?

I've been a bad blogger!

(This image found here.)
Let me redeem myself by sharing some pics from a day trip to Talkeetna

I love this place!  It's a fun blend of kitsch-i-ness, granola and a wonderful hippie vibe that's irresistible.  It's kind of funny that the markedly hip and en vogue inhabitants of this community think that they're on to something new.  I know that their approach to life was something I had discovered 35 years ago, only to abandon it for a while in the '80's and '90's.  I've made a semi-return to some of that philosophy again in the last 10 years or so.  Maybe this batch will hold on to it longer than I did, but I suspect that as their beautiful kids named Nevaeh and Aiden (great names, BTW) grow as children are wont to do, these creative and passionate, you know, the not-the-same-as-their-parents will slowly and begrudgingly take on boring careers for the sake of insurance for their families, buy the friggen' mini vans and that house in the 'burbs or whatever the equivalent is these days, and basically feel at some point that they've given in or "sold out."  Just.  Like. All those others whom have passed before.  I feel their disdain when they look at me--that lady, as OLD as their MOMS; and wish that they could realise that I am more like them than they could possibly know!  If that knowledge could be unveiled to them at a glance, life would be so much easier for all of us, and who knows what avenues and friendships would open up to our society!  I've been there, done that; and I have no reason to judge them, nor do they , me.  I hate that part of being 51.  I still feel 30 (except in the morning, then don't--I repeat, DON'T  bother me before I've had my cup o' tea!)  Of course, there's the other side of the coin wherein some will judge them and dismiss them as silly young folk.  So I get the disconnect, the distance and the wariness.

Anyhoo; I could totally live there if I could be accepted for who I am, not who some perceive me to be. 

The people who live there are approachable and you can see that most love where they live, and that's a good thing!  If you want to go on a rafting trip, or flight seeing, or climb Denali (provided you are successful at drawing out for the lottery to do so,) this is the place.

If you're hungry, definitely eat at West Rib Pub.  Great food and libation all around!  One of the appetizers we enjoyed was the bbq caribou (i.e., reindeer) meat balls.  Excellent!  So clean and lean, and not the least bit gamey.  Don't be afraid to give these a whirl!  They offer burgers and seafood that is so fresh, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven.  I had the Stubbs burger and it was very tasty.  It comes highly recommended by the Mayor of TalkeetnaHere are some of their other menu offerings.  Their photos do not capture the excellence of the fare!

                                                                               The famous Stubbs Burger and Fish Tacos.

                             BBQ Caribou Meatballs.

The town site is so cozy.  Yes, there is the standard tourist crap; but hey, there is literally only about 3 months of summer!  That's money time, people!  Overall, there is a laid-back quality about the place that just feels good.  For those back home, picture Durango, CO; without all the fancified developement over the last 10-12 years.  I can not stress the bohemian aura that envelopes the community and surrounding areas enough!

              Because we have to have rules, man!

A Yurt.

                                                             Definitely get the spinach bread!

                                                                         Last year's fancy moose.

                                                                                                      Pretty little raised garden in the park.

                                                          Haven't eaten here yet, but plan to!

                                                                                                                                                              Just before arrival to; or shortly after you leave Talkeetna, you may notice a quaint little oasis for kids by the roadside just outside the townsite.  Put on your inner-child hat and stop by this little park in the wilderness for a spell.  I guarantee, you won't be disappointed!

Here are some pics to give an idea why this place is so enchanting.

   Plenty of seating to keep an eye on things.

Wonderful play areas built by the locals with love.

Tlingit Raven Slide.

Magic Bus.
Sturdy little cabin with a pint sized table for little ones.  It's
a private club, y'all!

                          More seating by the back gate.  Notice the cool xylophone just outside the fence.
                                                                            Cute little bridge.

Is there a Grumpy Old Troll who lives under the bridge?

                                   Orca and Skiff.

Scarry Dino!

                                                                                             The plaques above the swings were made by local children.

Cool labyrinth with hand made path stones.
                                Neat-o prop-plane!

                                                                                       Construction site.
Neat little "bird house."

                                      Cow Parsnip,                     


Fish Lake.  Pretty original, huh?

Actually, this is one of my favorite lakes near Talkeetna.  It just draws the eye in and makes you think maybe being a float plane pilot woudn't be such a bad idea!

If you're ever up this way, please try to take ths little detour.  It's a day trip you can make from Anchorage and besides, you'll have a great time!



Pam I Am said...

It's so good to see this! Maybe I'll blog again someday.

I wanted to "like" so many of your pictures. I am conditioned by Facebook, aren't I?

And you mean to say that all of Alaska is not just like Northern Exposure? I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

I especially love the sunflower.

NameChanged said...

Looks wonderful. I would love to take my kids to that park. Love you mom!

Doug and Amanda said...

Looks beautiful!

Teri said...

Okay, these are the best pictures to make up the perfect small town life. Love them! Sadly, I would be kicked out of the place with the sign "No Dogs" as its number one rule, but I might be able to live with that if I can just mosey by with the dogs on their leashes and wave "hello.'

Seriously, what a dreamy spot.