Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Looniness

How do you like to spend a long week-end?

I'd say most folks like to indulge in a bit of recreation, perhaps catch up on some movies, maybe get the garden ready for next year, go clubbing with some little white balls, possibly bask in the sun's waning warmth as it kisses Summer adieu. Not me! No sir!

I pass the hours doing an uber-clean on our (hopefully not-defunct) fridge! "Gasp! you say. Does the adventure never end at Vikki's house?!!" Oh no, my friends. I'm living on the edge!

Evidently, I left the refrigerator door ajar the night before.   (your door is a jar? NO!  it was cracked open! Can you tell I'm off my meds? Yes? I thought so!) 

Anyhoo; yesterday A.M. we discovered my slip-up. After looking up solutions on-line, and tossing much food stuff, we unplugged Ol' Bessie and transferred what seemed okay to the beer mini fridge down stairs.

That's when the craziness commenced. I had been dreading the task of doing my bi-yearly super-swab on the darned thing, so it was pretty grimy, I hate to admit. The ever-so-lovely design of our less than one butt cucina means that you must pull out the whole contraption in order to remove the shelves and drawers from inside; as you have to be able to swing the doors all the way on the hinges to facilitate this action. I rationalized my procrastination because I couldn't extract the ice box from its' cubby hole.

Man; there were some major UFO's inside!  (unidentified fuzzy objects)

So, today I attacked that baby with gusto!  I scrubbed and wiped and cleaned and shined and polished!  She looks brand spankin' new!

We just plugged her back in and trekked down to the Wal*Mark to purchase a thermometer.  The freezer side is working like gang-busters.  The other side; not so much.

Why work so hard on something that may not work?  Well, anyone who knows me knows the answer to that one!  If we have to have someone repair it, or toss it; I can't have anyone thinking I would ever let anything in my house get to that stage of ickiness!  It was also an exercise in futility hope.

Here's the finished product, for what it's worth.

                                                                Isn't it gorgeous?
                                                        Happy refrigeration, people!


Lisa said...

Its like porn to my OCD heart.

GR said...

OK, I get it. I'm sorry. While others post about houseboats and glacier tours, we stayed home, rebuilt the fridge and watched the puppy grow. We'll DO something, I promise. Sheesh.

NameChanged said...

mom, you know that you loved cleaning that fridge. I love you!

kkryno said...

Had to; had to!

Love you too, 'Chele!

Lisa, I know exactly what you mean! ;)

K., You know there was no way I could've left the house with that mess lurking; just waiting to batter me after some down time! No way I could let that happen! ;)

Doug and Amanda said...

Mom, you crack me up! And now everyone understands why, as a child, when I was asked to clean my room, I always started by organizing my toy box. It's genetic!

kkryno said...

AmanDoug: totally!


Steve said...

next time you have a long weekend i will pay for you to come attack my antiquated fridge!