Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Bits: It's What's For Dinner!

Came across this little nugget while perusing my reader today.  You can too, if you go to NPR's First Listen.
I find it exciting that two of my favorite producer/performer/musician/songwriters are collaborating on this one, due out at the end of the month.  Thanks to NPR, Neil Young, and Daniel Lanois for allowing us the opportunity to have a sneak-peek, so to speak!  (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

In other news, still no grand baby!  I'm sure that no-one is more anxious than Michele and Jason, and Judy, as well.  She is embracing the idea of being a big sister.  I can't wait to see them all!  Here is a favorite shot of her that will just have to tide me over 'til then.

She has grown so much since this was taken, but I still think that she looks adorable!

I had a craving for butter beans all week-end and finally got around to making a huge pot of them today.  You know me, I can only seem to cook for an army!  Thank goodness we have a chest freezer.  I baked some cornbread sticks and mini-muffins to accompany them.  To quote one of my favorite blog friends Ralph, "T'was guuud!"

***Warning:  Gratuitous food pic follows!***

  Ooooh:  and lest we forget!  Here's one of Mr. Gibb!  Happy Tuesday, everybody!


Lisa said...

That's all kind of good stuff going on!

NameChanged said...

recipe please!

Doug and Amanda said...

Nummy! Feed me!

Saoirse in Spokane said...

Hi Vikki, I guess babies decide when they want to venture out into the world. Mine was 3 weeks late.

Ummm butter beans! Love them. I also love making a pot of the 15 bean soup mix with cornbread. Do you make your beans with broth or water?

Love all the pictures! Any more snow? It turned Indian summer here this week, but, more cooler, fall-like weather coming soon. Soup weather.

Have a great weekend when it gets here.

Q said...

When we cook we make enough for few meals too. Your Granddaughter is adorable.
Hope to see photographs of the new baby soon.
We have soup weather....
Happy October,

kkryno said...

What is it about Fall and soup? :)