Friday, September 26, 2008

Assignment Complete

Here's a picture of our refrigerator. Voila!!! This is in response to D-Cup's tag for this fun meme. I'm sure everyone has a similar mess as the fridge seems to be the go-to spot replacing the bulletin board in every home that I know. I'll try to shed some light on some of our most treasured items on display here:

1. There are several advert magnets for various businesses around Anchorage ripped from the covers of our six(yes, 6)phone books dumped on our doorstep all in the span of one week; weighing 15 lbs. Whew!

2. Photos of my best friend's niece and nephew. Gawd; they've grown so fast. There is also a photo of Bev and Les; every one's surrogate grandparents and a lot of fun. They've worked hard all their lives and never lost that wonderful sense of humor, no matter what.

3. There is the announcement of the birth of my first grandchild. You all know how I feel about her.

4. A mosaic painted pony holds a recipe that I plan to spring on K.(when he least expects it, of course!)

5. Two of my favorite magnets are the growling grizzly bear and the one with King Kong climbing the Empire State Building. My youngest gave that to me as a souvenir when she returned from a choir trip to New York.

6. My fortune cookie message revealing my "lucky" lotto numbers is being held in place by a magnet declaring free pizza delivery from a ristaurante whose location is roughly 2000 miles away. I wonder if it's guaranteed to still be warm when said pizza arrives?

7. Speaking of pizza; there are at least five ads for pizza places, including one for Mike's Pizza Palace in Valdez, AK. They are no longer in operation. Good pizza: dirty kitchen. Eeewww!

8. Did I mention that I like pizza? I do but not as much evidenced by the appearance of our fridge-scape! LOL!

9. At the top right is an add for FREE ESTIMATES from a local paving company. Our driveway is one of two or three in the neighborhood made of concrete. Concrete heaves and buckles in 15 degree below temperatures. Ours is in need of repair. Just a subtle reminder to K. that I'd like that deathtrap of a driveway with about a 12% grade remedied. It would be nice before winter gets here...

10. Last, we have our collection of old match books from all over the country. I must confess, we did not collect all of these on our own. I bought a bunch of them at antique store in Aztec, New Mexico. An amusing fellow from Durango, Colorado was the proprietor. We enjoyed our visits with him.

That wraps it up from here. If I were to tag someone, perhaps it should be


Anonymous said...

Thank you for indulging me. Your refrigerator is very organized. I'm with you on pizza. I could eat it way more often than I do. It's a favorite!

I love family and friend photos on fridges, too.

And I hope you get that driveway fixed. We lived with a heaving and dangerous stoop for years and I was so glad to get it finally fixed. Just in time for us to move out of the house!

NameChanged said...

I don't have a fridge. :(

kkryno said...


It was fun! I don't think I've really looked at that stuff in bout 9 or 10 months; and really never analysed any of it so closely. I've got to get some better magnets!

kkryno said...


What; no fridge?! Call me!

Anonymous said...

Nice list, and the grade slope of that image made me cringe, ouch! That can be dangerous to say the least.

The pizza cracked me up, I thought I was a peperoni fan until I moved to San Diego, where I fell in love with all pizza! Especially Caparells on First avenue, I get the half off list price. Wow I am so lucky to know Sam the owner.

The phone books, you know what? There seemed in my minds eye a lot of stacks around southern California, and it appears that no-one reads them down here. Of course I live in young professional ville.

Take care and hope to see again soon. Jesse

kkryno said...

Dear Jesse;

Thanks for stopping by!
Saying that I love pizza would be a gross understatement! lol.
I think that with the on-set of on line advertising, the "beloved" phone book is destined to be a thing of the past.

Have a great Sunday.

Doug and Amanda said...

Mommy! I can't believe that you still have the King Kong do love me! Haha!

Oh, and sister--who needs a fridge when you have a tv?!

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a great day.

Looking forward to the debate tonight and our comments after.

Have a super day.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

When I read the book The Secret it talked about having a vision board. The best link I could find to describe how to create one is here:

Hope you had a nice weekend. I'm looking forward to week 5 on the new job.

Q said...

That was fun!
I change my magnets every month...
I just real reason...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love,

I hope to post more pictures like that before the time changes, but usually it's like that here you know.....

Thank you for the love,

konagod said...

I have many questions but I'll hold them til a better day!