Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...

Some more food for thought. Funny, I've been watching Headline News this A.M. and there has been no mention of Amy Goodman's arrest. There has been discussion of Bristol Palin's personal condition. I personally feel this is certainly not the concern of the MSM, nor anyone else other than Bristol and her family. I wish that people would show a little compassion and empathy in this situation. She is not public domain.


Bitty said...

In its way, this post ties right into my "short skirts at the crime scene" post. Our free press is really and truly broken.

Fifteen years ago I briefly flirted with journalism and took several classes in that direction, and at that time, one of my professors predicted this mess -- I guess we were already headed that way -- because of the corporate ownership of the media.


Doug and Amanda said...

It seems like depending on who you ask, the media is too liberal or too conservative or too biased in some other way. I personally don't think that the media is very supportive of President Bush, but apparently the makers of this movie do.

kkryno said...

Actually, I think the media is supportive of the almighty dollar.
Numbers, ratings and sensational
"stories" are all they care about.
There isn't anything in it for them
to stick to the truth or to provide veracious and relaiable information.

Q said...

Dear Vikki,
The media does seem to dictate our lives. I am a skeptic yet if the media does not give voice to a story few people will know what is actually going on. I try to listen to Public Radio for my news. I have found that it also seems to carry a bias.
The world of the internet helps to keep information flowing. Thank you for this post.
In these political times I am supporting and giving voice to the natural world. I chant, "Save the bees!" "What about the Wolves?"
I am green and independant....
I encourage everyone to stop killing. This includes the wildflowers. To rationalize the killing I have heard these beauties called weeds! I say, "Save the Thistles", the bugs depend on them for food. Without the pollinators we die. Plain and simple. Without trees we die. We must take care of our planet, first and foremost. There is no nutrition in a $50.00 bill.
I think at some point Mother Nature will just be feed up and will demand to be cared for. How she will get our attention will be amazing I am sure. She has the coolest stuff; earthquakes, firestorms, landslides, hurricanes, volcanoes just to mention a few. If it is just the people that are giving the whole planet trouble Mother has a host of bacterias and viruses.
Think I will go sit with the bugs and sing with the birds.

kkryno said...

Well said, Sherry. I thought of you when we went to The Palmer Experimental Gardens. K. took some lovely photos of some cute little bumble bees. They were working so hard! I'll post them soon just for you.

Love, Vikki