Saturday, April 17, 2010

What we were up to on a Saturday!

Since this our last day together for two weeks, we decided to do it up! I know! We're livin' on the edge!!

We went to Great Harvest Bakery. These guys know their sh-tuff! When I don't feel like making my own bread, they have offerings in the baked-goods department to die for! Thank goodness they are 20 miles away, or I would never do my own baking! ;)

After that; K. decided to go to Title Wave Books. He wanted to get something to read to help him relax after training while he's gone. That's the main reason for our journey to this wonderful literary stock-pile! Well----he found a very nice book on dog training; and I found eight lovely little gems for me!

As per usual. :}

At least; I will have someting to do while he's absent; beside keeping up with Gibson! ;)

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