Tuesday, March 24, 2009


As most of you know, that little volcano about a hundred miles from here has been having a bit of a temper-tantrum lately. If you'd like to see a live web cam view, you can check it out here.
I mean; had I known this bit of information, I might have been a little more reluctant (i.e vocal) about moving here. Tsunamis and earthquakes are one thing, but multi-orgasmic, pyroclastic mounds this numerous in near proximity of home is too close for comfort; IMO. The ash fall has passed us by so far, so we're fine; but if it will ease your worried minds, just make checks payable to:

Kkryno's Volcano Relief Fund
I'm-So-Happy-Ville, AK. 99577*

I'm sure it's tax-deductible, and you'll be helping me maintain my mind*numbing supply of martinis and onion dip; batteries, filter masks, and panti-hose too! You can also purchase for your very own for a limited time (spoken in Billy Mays-ease!!!) this AMAZING JAR OF GENUINE ALASKAN VOLCANO DUST! Share in a bit of Authentic Alaskana, all for three easy payments of $19.95!!! Supplies are endless, so buy NOW! Of course I'd have to drive to Talkeetna to get it, but I'd do it for you; and I'll wave hello to Sarah on my way through Wasilla. Unless she's out on a speaking engagement in the Lower 48 (again!)

(Ever notice that Billy Mays' initials are B.M.???!!!11) EEEEWWWW!

Alaska Airlines is flying again, so if I get nervous about Redoubt again; I'm sure for a phenomenal fee, they will be happy to cart my generous butt out of here.

We'll see.

All is well, so far. :)

*I am just kidding; ya know!

(I found the photo of this lovely little meltdown here.)


Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Vikki,

You funny lady! And yeah, if I lived that close to that volcano, I'd be getting my skinny butt out of there on the double!

Who is B M? Sorry, I don't know. Is he related to Sara? LOL.

Keep safe in happy-ville.

Love and Hugs,


Steve said...

glad to hear you are safe

Betty said...

Hi Vikki,

Thanks for stopping by with you well wishes for my hubby. His surgery is tomorrow. Please continue to remember him in prayer.

Pam I Am said...

You and your friendly neighborhood volcano have been on my mind. Thanks for posting an update, a hilarious one!

Betty said...

Thank you for visiting me again today to let me know you are thinking about us and keeping us in your prayers.

Q said...

Dear Vikki,
I am thinking about you!
You did make me laugh.
Maybe you could make a recipe for volcano cake!
Nice to laugh...

Betty said...


You are such a sweet person, and I want you to know I am so glad you started visiting me. I think you probably came over from Linda's blog, and I'm so glad.

Thank you for visiting again and sending well wishes.

Teena in Toronto said...

Stay safe!

Happy blogoversary!