Sunday, February 22, 2009

Portage Lake

What a difference a few months (okay; about six months) make! This summer when the kids were here, one of our day trips included a journey to Portage Lake. It doesn't take long to get there. I think navigating traffic through Anchorage from Eagle River is more of a hassle than any other part of the ride. We rode along the Seward Highway as it paralleled the shoreline at Turnagain Arm (how it looked the year I was born) and The Alaska Railroad in early February 2009.

That's frozen ocean water, folks!

A foreboding yet awesome view along Turnagain on one of our recent forays early this month.(Captured by K., of course!)

I have to say that the scenery on this route is breathtaking; any time of year. To be able to see something this wild and majestic within an hour and fifteen minutes from your back door is most wonderful.

Anyway, here's Portage Lake in June or July of 2008. Notice the piece of glacier ice. I swear it never changed through the season. I think it's plastic and it's tethered there during the summer season! JK!!!

This is a shot of us near the visitor's center.

The visitor's center: February 2009. BRRRRR!!!

Here are a few more from our time with the kids in "summer" of 2008; and K. and my trip a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

Three of my favorite people! (there's that camera-hogging hunk of ice again!)


oca said...
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Lisa said...

Breathtaking is right! Those pictures are gorgeous. They make me cold, but they certainly don't leave me cold.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Gorgeous pictures, V. I love the frozen ones just as much as the "Summer" pics.

Happy Hump Day! ;o)

Love and hugs,


Doug and Amanda said...

Frozen! Brr! I'm glad we went in the summer!

NameChanged said...

It's gorgeous. It's hard to believe we were there. I miss you mommy! Mwah!

Bob said...

Wow. How'd I miss this wonderful pictoral post for three days!

One of these days, don't be surprised to get a knock on your door (well, an email). :)

kkryno said...

Bob, (and Jen of course!) Lisa,(and Mathman) Diane; (and Lamar) and my gals: (and their guys) and Pido and... Well; all y'all are welcome! Just be ready to eat! And don't forget the varmits want love!

Just bring your Wellies and some other raingear; your cameras and some dog treats. We can find the rest at the thrift store and make a plan when you get here!


kkryno said...

I can't leave out BSR and his brood; CR and his Love; Linda and her M and Dk; the Spawn; Philip and M., and everyone else on Ye Ole Blog Roll!

And BTW; Michele: I miss you too!
:[ Blub! Lotz!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, my, blogger is being difficult this morning!

Gorgeous pictures, Vikki, but it does look a tad chilly there.

Happy weekend!



violetlady said...

I just found your blog from "Diane's Place." I have always wanted to go to Alaska - ever since my favorite TV show, "Northern Exposure" which wasn't really filmed in Alaska. I loved seeing all your photos. Amazing scenery.