Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I'm gonna try the latest meme nicked from Linda at Saoirse Daily2, via Bob.
I don't do well with these; but I've gotta learn someday.
Here goes!

Grab the nearest book - no matter what it is. Textbook, novel, pop-up book, building code study guide, whatever.

Turn to page 25.
Read the 10th word on that page, or the following if that one is blank.
Type that word into Google Image search.
Post the third image.
You're tagged if ya wanna be!

(Trust it can't take you near as to do this as it did me!)

Link back to this post.

Here's mine:

I trust you can tell what my word was!
Have fun!


Bitty said...



SaoirseDaily2 said...

Terrific, thanks for playing along. I love the yucca picture. I saw your favorite governor was on television again. M saw the first Palin 2012 bumper sticker. And we always though Ike Turner was the stupidest man in America.

kkryno said...

The sad thing is (or maybe NOT so sad) people here are finally seeing through the veneer. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I was impressed by her moxie when I first moved here in '06. I know, I know; frankly I'm way over it now! lol!

Bob said...

Awesome, Vikki!

Thanks for playing!

kkryno said...

Thanks all! I had fun!

Renie Burghardt said...

That is a hard meme. Requires some work! But I enjoyed yours.

Thanks so much for following. May I follow you?

Happy weekend!


Betty said...

Hi Vikki,

Thank you for visiting me today and leave your kind words about my husband. And thank you so much for the continued prayers for Ed and me.

I love making new friends, and I hope you will become one.