Sunday, January 11, 2009

Destined to be Together

I've finally found Teh One! We've been searching for each other since I can remember! I've had many. They have all touched my lips as I've tried in vain to capture the joy of the perfect union.

Last night I stumbled into Un-named Pricey Department Store; desperately seeking cosmic, cosmetic nirvana. There before me was the Estee Lauder counter. Surely mi amore' could be found there. I stepped closer, breathless with anticipation; trying not to notice my sweaty palms. I had been through this countless times; tantamount to a blind date, so much at stake! Did I dare hope???!!! Suddenly a host of celestial voices sang out in divine chorus, "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Pigmentosus Procurosis! M 21 Soft Amethyst: ZOMG!11!!!! My precious!

Anyone that knows me can tell you that this a major,major feat! At any given time you could look into my purse and find AT LEAST a dozen different shades of liptint, stick, gloss, rouge; wev. A peek into my
"tackle box" will garner two or three dozen more, while the junk drawer in the vanity houses a myriad of them; all waiting for me to send them on to better homes with my daughters or friends who always look much better with them on than I ever could.

That is all forever changed now; and the best thing to come from that will be the freedom. From guilt over spending too much money on a ridiculous and frivolous obsession; I guess it's an improvement over the one I had over shoes! (OMG: Shoes!) Now I will have to find some other weirdness to dive head long into like--ramekins, salt-n-pepper sets, tea balls, herb books, Mom-Mom's house or some such!

Any suggestions?


Doug and Amanda said...

What are you planning to do? Try out as an extra in Titanic? Hmm. Blue lipstick. I guess I could get used to it. J/K, I know that's not the true color. I'm glad you found lipstick you like.

kkryno said...

Hey, what blue? Photo-shop is our friend!!

SaoirseDaily2 said...

LOL too funny. We are like that with our addictions, aren't we? I like my butterscotch flavor lip gloss. I also like the sugar cookie flavor.
I'm still searching for a favorite shampoo.

I love those department store perfume and cosmetic departments, but, the sales gals are all so pushy, it annoys me. But the scent keeps me coming back.

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday.

NameChanged said...

Mom, it is time to anticipate the inevitable ("They always discontinue the things I like!"). Put your money where your mouth is and buy like 25 tubes.

Now purge all of those lipsticks. Say goodbye to 15 layers for the perfect look. Say hello to 30 more minutes of morning.

I love you and I'm glad you've found it. :)

kkryno said...

Oh, crap; Michele, you're RIGHT!!!

I'll get my coat! Karl! Come ON! I'm on a mission!


A new twist on this addiction! Sugar cookie flavor!!! MMMMMMM!

Lisa said...

The right shade of lipstick is nothing something to be trifled with. Buy more.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Well, on the plus side, lipstick is generally cheaper than shoes if you're gonna collect 'em. ;o)

Glad you had a good trip and got home safely.

I love your new template! ;o)

Have a great week, V.

Love and hugs,


Anonymous said...
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