Sunday, January 25, 2009

My other kids!

Okay; guys, time for pictures! Joey: stop screwin' around! Look sharp! Come on, Smudge! Can't you co-operate for just this once?

Here we go.

OWW! That's my leg!

Come back, Joey! Don't be mad, Mr. Kitteh-Kitteh. :)

Let's try some with 'Roo!

Better lay off of the margaritas!

There; that wasn't so bad, was it?

At least it's better than my last photo-op!

Oh, BTW; and OT...what is that warm and golden light reflecting off of the wall behind me??? It's making me squint! (We actually had a couple consecutive hours of SUNLIGHT!!! WOOT!!!)


FranIAm said...

GORGEOUS one and all.

Wow, I am so happy to see these photos, you have no idea. It truly is sunlight for my Monday morning!!!

Kulkuri said...

Couldn't find where to leave a comment on the Red Green video. One of the things I miss down here in the Land of Kudzu is The Red Green Show. Thanks for the video!!

Bob said...


kkryno said...
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Thornyissue said...

There are laws in some states against sharing margaritas with your dog... but he does seem kinda goofy happy about it.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of you and your furkids. :o)

No sunlight here. We're getting freezing rain, possibly 2 inches of it, and then snow on top of it, as much as 3-5 inches of it. We're almost sure to lose power, which I dread. :-(

Have a good week, my friend.

Love and hugs,


Doug and Amanda said...

Ah, mom in her most natural state...surrounded by a bunch of mangy pets! I can't deny their cuteness, however. Or yours!

Lisa said...

I love these photo! You look fabulous and your friends there are quite stunning.

And I'm digging that antique radio, too.

The pix on your daughter's blogs are hysterical.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

You are so cute! I have been trying to take a decent piture and failing for my facebook page. Thank you for sharing the awesome pictures of you and the pets.

kkryno said...

Thank You!

I just love Red Green! There are so many layers to the humour in this show. ;)

Awwww, thanks. :0)

You know Joey only likes a good beer ever ynow and then!

I hope your weather gets better soon! Stay safe.

You guys are cute! I love ya!

My friends make me look good.
I wish I could find the knobs for the radio!

I just know there's a great picture of you. Just let M. pick it. He loves you and will pick the best one!
You are one of the kindest people I know, and your beauty will shine.


Bitty said...

I love these photos! You are beautiful, your pals are adorable, and I want that radio. (Does it work? If so, does it pick up War of the Worlds, Love of Life, and Little Orphan Annie...or is it instead Bubba the Love Sponge?)

kkryno said...


It is an antique, although I'm not exactly sure of the year it was made. It has the tubes and an asbestos electric cord. It takes forever to warm up. It worked while we lived in Albuquerque, but I haven't been able to pick anything since living in Alaska.

Wouldn't it be so great to be able to hear those old shows on a radio such as that once again?


NameChanged said...

Mom, you look great. I miss those nutty animals so much, but I'm glad you didn't include that damn bird. (SQWAK!!!)

Love ya!

kkryno said...

Hey; Michele!

You know Yani lurvs you.

BTW; so do I. And I miss ya.



Brave Sir Robin said...

Wonderful to see these!!!!

And sunshine to boot!


kkryno said...


Sunshine is so welcomed around here!