Thursday, June 5, 2008


Today I was reading the Life and Garden section of the Anchorage Daily News; a sort of catch-all portion of the paper chock full of helpful gardening tips, how to raise your kids, the comics, horoscopes and an advice column (I hope this is the correct spelling) titled "Ask Amy"; similar to "Dear Abby". The subject dealt with breastfeeding in front of people other than the mother and baby. The person writing the letter was deeply upset at being "subjected" to her daughter -in-law breastfeeding her baby in front of her, (the letter-writer's own grandchild) and other family members. It made everyone "uncomfortable". I fail to see how something so fundimental and basic as nourishing one's child can make anyone uncomfortable! Look the other way, for cripes sake! It's not like this mother is an ax-murderer! It is an act of love; not ever meant to be dirty in any way. I'd venture to say these same "uncomfortable" and "offended" FAMILY members would not hesitate to rubberneck while passing a fatal car-wreck! Just one more wierdness that I have noticed increasingly erroding the fabric of society today. It's okay to criticize this age old practice, yet look the other way when people are homeless and hungry because they should "just get a job!" Go figure...The shocker for me was Amy's answer: the daughter should retire to the guest room to perform this task. To put herself in exile from the famly gathering so no one is subjected to this unpleasantness! AUGH!!!! We might be distracted from our "Girls Gone Wild" and "Enzyte" commercials!


Doug & Amanda said...

I'm glad we don't have to worry about that sort of thing.

kkryno said...

No kidding! I remember with you kiddos, Greg's family were SO laid-back about all the baby stuff. I never had the inkling that there was any problem with what should be done in "private". Of course, there was always a strategically placed recieving blanket; but everyone just went on about their buisiness of enjoying the family gathering. :)

Bob said...

Greetings, Vikki!

Nice to get to know you a bit. I've read through your blog and I like it. My family used to live in Seward (alas, before I was born), and I've always loved all things Alaska. I hope to visit someday.

Enjoy the sunlight!

kkryno said...

Hello! We haven't been to Seward yet, but I hear it is beautiful. Maybe when Namechanged and AmanDoug get here we will travel there. 'Bye for now.