Friday, June 13, 2008

Age is all relative

Well, yesterday was my 47th birthday! I really don't FEEL that old. Most of the time I still think of myself as about 35 (although sometimes I feel ancient!) Anyway, my Dad called late last night to wish me a happy b-day, reminding me of the fact that I share that day with his father, something I think about every year. Pop-pop was an crotchety old fart;,very meticulous in all he attemted. Whether sewing beautiful clothing, making furniture, tile-work, housepainting, gardening or just about everything.There were two things he excelled at; arguing for argument's sake, and oil painting. He was a true artist, and I can thank him for any creative juices that flow through my veins. My Dad said that he had a half-gallon jug of Pop-pop's homemade wine (which is probably about 25 years old) that he and my uncle John planned to share in a toast at the family home in Placitas , New Mexico. Dad said he was having a sample, only to check the quality of course, and it was still pretty good. They will meet on Saturday and raise their glasses to commemorate Pop-pop's 100th birthday. Wow. Here's to you, Poppy.


Bob said...

Happy Day-After-Your Birthday!!!

(and I hope you had a great day yesterday)

I'm only a couple years behind you.

Doug & Amanda said...

Momma, don't worry, you don't look a day over 35! (You look a couple years over that! Hee-hee!) No really, you look great, and you always have. I hope your birthday was great. Wish I could have been there.

I didn't know that you and Pop-Pop had the same birthday. That's neat. I think I must be related to him in that I also like to argue for argument's sake.

Also, I can't believe he would have been 100--wow. Were he and Mom-Mom the same age?

NameChanged said...

Happy Birthday Mommy! I also never knew that you and Pop-Pop shared a birthday. That is really wonderful.

I was speaking to Jimmy today, and he gave me a bunch of crap because I didn't know how old you were. I had to do the "this is how old she was when I was born" math.

I just always think of you as about 35...but that will have to change once I approach that age (never, never I say!).

I love you and we will have a belated birthday cake when we get there. No drinking while cooking, though. We don't want to burn the bruschetta.

kkryno said...

He was actually 4 years older than Mom-mom, but his health made him feel 20 years older. When he felt good, he could be found in the kitchen patting her on the backside, which always made her giggle like a schoolgirl! They were so cute at times. I miss them both every day. :)

Q said...

Happy,happy Birthday!
Hope you did all sorts of fun for Vikki things.
Enjoy the girls and son-in-law!
Wonderful to have your grand daughter coming too. Have lots and lots of fun.

pidomon said...

Here is to Poppy!

And a late happy b-day

And thank you for the support you've shown me on my little cardboard box under the overpass of the inner tubes

While pols may be able to raise a billion dollars to me the power of these tube thingies is the chance to connect with other folks.

kkryno said...

Thank you, Sherry. "Meeting" you has truly been a blessing! Seeing the world in your garden through your lense is pure magic. Love, Vikki

kkryno said...

Thanks, Pido for the birthday nod. I know you've heard this before, but I'm thinking of counting backwards from now on! ;)Anyway, I'm glad that we can all be a part of one another's lives through the magic of the 'nets. Making contact is what makes us more human.Love, V.