Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh, hi!




Has it really been that long since my last post?  Most people would think that I must be living an exciting life, right?  Wrong.

That would maybe help explain my reluctance to keep up to date here, but really I just haven't had anything of interesting to share.  I don't know if it's the winter doldrums or what but I just seem to be going through the motions these past months.  I must need a boost in my vitamin D levels, or just maybe just some sunshine would do the trick. While I know that tanning beds are not good for our skin, I wonder if I should do five minute sessions two or three times a week to help with that.

Not much going on in the kitchen department.  With K. being out of the state three out of the last four weeks, I haven't seen the need to get carried away.  We'll see what happens when he returns...

Usually this time of year I start looking forward to spring and thinking about the yard.  I get so excited about making plans for the pots and the pallet garden.  This year I'm going to scale it way back.  I can't even venture to guess how much money we have spent on plants for this place each year.  Most of my perennials don't make it through the winter although we group them together and bury them under a huge pile of leaves. This year we didn't get them gathered up in time due to the fact that we had constant rain at the end of fall.  And for most of a way too cold summer season as well.  When we had a break in the rain, I did make the attempt to cover them with leaves but most were frozen to the ground and what I did use ended up blowing away a week or so later...Best to just do a few hanging baskets, my rock garden and a few containers of kale, lettuce and maybe some Brussels sprouts.  I've got way too many containers and pots so along with getting rid of some of our unnecessary junk  items from the interior hoard, I'm going to cull the gardening collection extensively!  Wish me luck in this endeavor and pray that my yard sale will be an amazing success!  I need to simplify--stat!

See what I mean about excitement?  Woo-Hoo.

What are some things that are weighing you down?  What makes that mid-winter slump a little lighter for you?


FishTaxi said...

I hear you loud & clear. When its ugly out who wants to take pics!

Did you post from your phone?

Lisa Golden said...

Hey you!

It's nice to see you here again. I'm envious of your garden, but I understand your desire to simplify. I find that the more time I spend at work and on the road, the less I want to have to do when I get home. Caring for a garden, no matter how nice it is to have home-grown produce, seems beyond me these days.

kkryno said...

@Kathy--I'm currently using K.'s laptop, but usually have to arm-wrestle him for it. lol

@Lisa--I just want to steam-line things so I can work on getting us ready to move sometime in the (hopefully near) future. That and the fact I need to rein in my crazy plant obsession! :)

staceyshawn said...

Are you familiar with light boxes? They can provide huge relief for people who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or even just the Winter blues. It might be worth looking into, and you wouldn't have to turn that weird tanning bed color. ;)