Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm still here!

I haven't disappeared.  I'm just incognito!

A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter Michele contracted MRSA.  It manifested as an infection on her right shoulder.  I was compelled to go to New Mexico to help her, but she said that all would probably be well by the time I could make the trip there, so we decided to skip it.  The following Monday, this happened!  To say I was beside myself with worry would be putting it mildly.  She has a 3 year old and a 4 month old, and lives in  a tri-level home!  (Note to self--next house: NO STAIRS!)

Any-hoo; before I could even mention it, Karl was looking up flights and making arrangements for my return trip in less than a month.  Have I told you before what a wonderful man and partner I have in him?  I really need to tell HIM more often!  Have his love and support during this prolonged absence is priceless.  I know that it's not easy being alone when your life-mate is somewhere else and not knowing when to expect their return is no fun.  I can't thank you enough, Karl.

The thing is, I can't return to Alaska until Michele can bear weight on her left foot.  We'll know more about that soon, I hope.  In the meantime, she can't drive, carry anything including her children, and must use a wheelchair at work, as she must keep the leg elevated.  Her husband Jason and I team up on getting everyone out the door by 7:00-7:05 A.M.  I then drop off the kids at daycare, and whisk Michele off to work.  Upon arrival there I wrestle the wheelchair out of the trunk, which is more awkward than heavy.  I should be pretty buff soon.  We're calling this whole thing "Michele's Extreme Work-Over   I mean Out!"  Step aside Biggest Loser!  :)

The neatest thing about all of this is spending time watching this:

Cuddletime!  These girls were tired!  Shhhh; don't wake 'em up....

I don't know how I used to keep up with all the things I used to when the kids were little.  I certainly am not measuring up these days.  It's all I can do to cook every now and then, and work on the never ending rotation of laundry!  I'll just have to try to get a handle on it somehow! 

Until later...Thanks for checking in.


Titanium said...

Yowza! So glad Michele has you to help her through this insanely difficult time. (and delighted that you have Karl)

Sending thoughts in your direction- hoping Michele heals quickly and grows stronger every day.

kkryno said...

Thanks, Ti! I'm just glad that I can be here to try to make things easier.

Saoirse in Spokane said...

You sure have your hands full. Sure hope your daughter is feeling better soon. How well I know what she is going through. Sending mucho good thoughts and prayers to both of you. You take care and keep in touch. Thanks Karl for being you and loving Vikki!!

Thank you for your kind words about Lady. Talk to you soon and have some yummy Mexican food for me.

kkryno said...

Thanks, Linda. You're in my thoughts, too!

Sherry Peyton said...

My goodness, you do seem to be busy! Glad things are settling down a bit. Where abouts does your daughter live in NM? We are planning on moving down to Las Cruces next year when I retire. And where are you in Alaska? Home of the unspeakable one!

kkryno said...

The Unspeakable One, undoubtably! I just wish that she'd become the Unspeaking One. When I hear her voice, I cringe!

I'm in Farmington, which is located in northwest New Mexico. It's considered part of the Four Corners. I love the region, but sometimes the town-not so much. It's kind of a desert to mountain area near Durango, Colorado (a pretty place also, IMO.)

K. went to college in Las Cruces, and loves it there. He always shows me his old haunts when we visit.

We live in Anchorage, so it's not one's typical view of Alaska. It's a small city with very mild and short summers and 10* or below temps in the winter. I used to like seeing all the snow, but the novelty of that is wearing thin. I never thought I'd ever say I miss salt cedar and tumble weeds! Alaska is a beautiful place, but I love sunshine and having my own garden full of tomatoes and green chiles. :)