Sunday, July 18, 2010

Murphy's Law and The Sunday Serenade

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Don't you just hate it when Murphy comes to visit?

I had a busy day yesterday with errands and cooking and stuff (i.e. catching a cat-nap since I can't seem to sleep past 3:00 A.M. anymore!)

Anyhoo; I needed to put a few extra miles on the Jeep in order to get IM'd after the battery was disconnected in replacing a burned out "check engine" light. As if pulling the dash to replace said bulb wasn't enough torture! (Okay, okay! Torture for K. He is my Superman!) ;) FYI; disconnecting the battery resets the computer that the IM guys hook-up their little diagnostic thingy to your ve-hic-le in order to exhort--I mean complete the procedure that allows you to register a current license with the DMV. The IM program has been repealed here in Alaska, but does not take effect for 18 months. Many bureaucratic hoops must be navigated to satisfy the gov'ment to ensure that they can milk this program as long as possible; even though EPA Air Quality Standards have been surpassed for the Anchorage Bowl. I am all for being a custodian of the environment, but friggin' red tape: not so much!

Sorry to rant, but I had been to that little Kwik*Lube place three times, and it was wearing a bit thin! ;)

On to The Monsters Of Folk.

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Lisa said...

Yeah, I can see how the charm wore off that situation after the second visit.

Q said...

Now if I could figure a way to live with out a car......
So much red tape is unnecessary.
Like you said it is just to milk every dime they can!