Friday, January 15, 2010

Death by Wii

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Is it possible to kill yourself at my age playing tennis and bowling, and doing the lamest, shortest work-out on the Wii Fit? I'm thinking--maybe!

We bought ourselves the Wii Fit for Christmas, but since K. was working for two weeks straight; we hadn't really done much with it. Not so now! We broke it out three days ago and played it for five hours the first day. Last night we had a nice dinner out (Greek food with a nice Sangiovese) so we only played for a couple of hours. Today only a little over an hour (so far!)

I am sore as can be--as anyone who knows me, I've had virtually no physical activity since my days in high school when I ran track!

I'm not saying that I'll make any great strides in the world of fitness; but I do find that there is fun to be had in the joy of movement!

It's kind of silly; but I feel like a kid again!

Well--except for all that sore muscle thang. I'll just look at that as growing pains!


Saoirse in Spokane said...

Sounds like great excercise. We thought about getting a Wii last Christmas, but, bought the front door instead. I bet the bowling is really fun.

servy said...
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Doug and Amanda said...

You are so silly! I am glad you are finding joy in the "wii" little things! Love you!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I've seriously thought about buying a WII Fit but so far haven't talked myself into it. It's a big investment and not really in the budget right now. Ha! Like we have a budget, lol! ;o)

Happy weekend!

Love and hugs,


Anonymous said...
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Steve said...

my WII Fit is collecting dust but I need to break it out again.
Seems odd those games can make you sweat like that but they do and I love it
Playing New Super Mario Brothers now which doesn't involve a lot of exercise only a lot of swearing!