Monday, July 20, 2009

Kitchen Wars!!!

I never really realized how territorial I am in the kitchen. I found out when K's relatives were here for a couple of weeks.

Now; I can appreciate that everyone has their own way of doing things, as well as their own tastes AND even quirks. I'll bend over back-wards for medical needs and special diets. That is a given.

There is one thing that you can do to absolutely piss me off and that's question my tried and true in my own kuchina!

I'll spare you the details (mostly because I've blocked the memory as I was so white-hot mad that I still can't see straight.) I know that I'm a bit OCD. That goes without saying; however, I just know that a certain order of preparing the various dishes to a meal ensures the freshness of the salad; the creaminess of the sauce and the juiciness of the meat entree. I also think bread should be re-crusted in foil; in the oven-NEVER re-heated in the microwave(unless you like them rubber biscuits) and you don't dilly-dally when I hail, "Soup's On!!!!

It's hard to appear hospitable when your head is spinning ala Exorcist-style when people have crossed the boundary of what is proper in your home-court. I hope to get a handle on that for the next round of summer visitors. Funny; I never had that problem in my kitchen before. Maybe I should hone my delegating skillz.

I think I'm gonna get a sign that says, "No Entry Under Penalty Of Cast Iron Skillet Injury To all Who Presume To Order Resident Cook Around In Her Own One-Butt Kitchen!"

Or some such thing. If anyone has a better, abbreviated version of this same message, I'm open!

Amanda; is my punctuation correct?

Happy cooking, y'all! =)


Doug and Amanda said...

You are CRAZY! Nevermind my Thanksgiving idea. ;) Oh, and I like your idea for the sign! I can just see it in some country charm catalog.

kkryno said...

Hey, we always have fun and work well together in your kitchen OR mine!

(Just don't mention the bruchetta!)

I'm looking forward to the Thanksgiving thing at Casa The Dougs!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

I'm the same way when it comes to my kitchen. I hate to stumble over anybody when I'm trying cook, whether it's my kitchen or somebody else's.


Jess said...

LOL that is some serious cooking!

You had me cracked up!

Hope all is well and have a good rest of the week
Love, Jess