Thursday, April 10, 2008

Does winter ever end in Alaska?!

I think I've reached the saturation point where gloomy, snowy, cold days are concerned! We started to have actual 40 degree temps and sunshine for about a week; and it was glorious! Our yard was even visible, bits of it peaking out from remnants of dingy icy snow. I was daydreaming of potting soil; trips to the nursery; maybe even trying to start some tomato plants from seed! (Last year's attemt in Valdez at tomato cultivation was GRIM. 20 plants; a total of 6-yes-6 tough cherry tomatos! ) I was becoming delirious with the prospect of dirty fingernails, muddy knees and half-wine barrels full of colors and home-grown veggies! Then; BAM! Old man winter rolled over and dumped on us again: five inches of new snow, two more days of cold and gloom; and three more inches of the retched stuff. Now the temperatures are back in the teens and twenties. Blechh! I never thought that I'd become sick of snow...More on my manic moods later.


Doug & Amanda said...

April has been deceiving this year. One day, we'll have 70 degree weather, and the next, it will be 37 degrees and windy. Last week, I was subbing at a school and they canceled afternoon recess because the weather was soooo cold and all of the kids were wearing t-shirts and shorts with no jackets! But, I suppose you win because you were referring to 40 degree weather as "glorious"! But don't worry, we'll bring the warm weather with us when we come visit! Love ya!

Doug & Amanda said...

See I did leave a comment, mamacita!

kkryno said...

You are correct, Little Missy! I think that i was just looking at my original post about manic winter, and I apologize. :+) Luv u!